The Power of Partial Styling

Most people are aware of the concept of styling your home for sale, once only used for prestige property, having a home professionally styled to sell has become increasingly popular.  Not everyone however is aware of the concept of partial styling, which is when a styling company works with your existing furniture and decor to create an enhanced look that is more appealing for sale.

During a recent campaign, I recommended a client invest in a partial style, having lived in the property for well over 10 years it was a perfect option to re-imagine and refresh the spaces, without going to the expense of a complete restyle.  As you can see from the pictures below, the results were impressive.

Partial styling allows you to use the major furniture and pieces already in your home and enhance them with carefully selected decor, soft furnishings, lamps and artwork.  This is a fantastic option for when you are still living in your home during the sales campaign, as it is not always viable to move your furniture out and live with hired furniture for a four to six week period.

Stylists can also advise on rearranging furniture to enhance living spaces if the scale is wrong or an item just doesn’t work in the space.  When you have lived in a home for an extended period it can be very helpful to have an objective expert give you advice.  Fresh eyes can imagine the room being used in a different way and see the room how potential buyers might.


A declutter of personal items and adding finishing touches with items such as fragrant candles, fluffy towels and coffee table books can make all the difference by enabling a potential buyer to imagine the lifestyle they could have in the home.

Some clients are concerned that styling will be expensive, however partial styling allows for a more cost effective option than a full restyle. The styling companies we use will meet with you to discuss your requirements, what you wish to achieve within your budget and work with you to create the absolute best result.

Thanks to Simply Sorted Transitions for their transformation of this property in North Turramurra –


Posted by Matt Bolin