Real Estate Marketing Has Changed: Why You Need To Work With An Agent Who Understands Social Media


If agencies and agents want to be successful, social media cannot be ignored.  Why? Some quick figures according to the Sensis Social Media report 2017 –

Facebook offers the opportunity to target a very specific audience and direct their attention to your property. Done correctly, an online advertising campaign can provide extensive exposure for a far lower spend than traditional print advertising.

I personally prefer to cover all bases when it comes to marketing, a combination of traditional print advertising (letterbox drops), online marketing (,, agency website), email marketing and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linked In). When you utilise  all these platforms you ensure a property has been seen by the absolute maximum number of potential buyers.

64% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts with consumers in a positive way on social media. Why? Research shows that during a decision-making process, customers consult individuals and brands social media pages to build a picture of your brand. It opens a direct line of communication with customers, enabling you to listen to their needs, wants and concerns.

An agent who refuses to engage with social media or does so in an ineffective way or wants to stick with the way ‘it’s always been done’ simply does not cut it anymore. If an agent is not willing to ‘put themselves out there’ you may need to ask why.


Posted by Matt Bolin