Moving Hacks from the Reluctant Pros

What is hands down the hardest part of buying and selling?  Moving Day!!

My wife and I have moved nine times in fifteen years and have become somewhat reluctant pros at the challenging job of moving.  Highlights include an apartment up eight flights of stairs, the interstate move to QLD when the removalists stole our barbeque and heaters and the one where our couch was too big to get through the front door and had to be lifted over the balcony with ropes to our third-floor apartment.

All moves come with their own challenges and this is what we have learnt (the hard way!) –

I just want to sleep!

Moving is physically and mentally exhausting.  The first thing we always do is make up all the beds with fresh sheets, there is nothing better than knowing there is a clean bed to fall into at the end of a long day.

Suitcases are your friend

Pack the clothes you need for the week ahead in suitcases, it cuts down on boxes and you can put your hands on what you need straight away.  Suitcases are also easy to put in the car and drive to the new house.  This is especially handy for kids as they often need school uniforms the very next day.  Use toiletry bags for your essentials in the same way.

Divider boxes are the way forward

The kitchen is by far the most painful part of the house to pack and unpack, all that wrapping and unwrapping!  Storage companies like Kennard’s sell boxes with dividers that glasses can be put straight into without wrapping.  Sold!

Cut down on boxes

You can buy inexpensive jumbo bags with a zip from variety stores, these are perfect for bulky items like doonas, towels, cushions and pillows.  You can also use towels and linen to wrap larger breakables such as vases, lamps and ornaments.

Outsource the kids 

Moving is very stressful for little people and it can be upsetting for them to spend a night sleeping in a room that’s all packed up.  If you can, have them spend the night at a relative or friends house the night before the move.  We always set up their rooms in the new house first, so it feels more familiar and they are surrounded by their favourite things.

What is this cable for?

You will never remember what goes with what so put a piece of masking tape on the cable and label what it is for, you can also take a photo of the electronic set up for computers and TV, so you can remember what goes where.

Don’t lose your nuts

When dismantling items such as beds and cots, use a zip lock bag to store the nuts and bolts and tape it to the item so they don’t go missing.  Pack a screwdriver and allen key in your car or bag so you have the tools on hand to put things back together.

Wrap it up (literally)

Lighter pieces of furniture like bedside tables and tall boys don’t need to be emptied before moving.  A great hack is to keep the contents inside your drawers and simply wrap the drawer with plastic cling wrap. A tip – don’t use tape which can damage the paint (trust us, we’ve done it!) and keep the weight of the item in mind for the movers!


Why move something you will never use again? Moving is your chance to declutter and streamline your home.  Our rule is that if hasn’t been touched while we have been in our current home it doesn’t get moved to the next one.  And start this process early, methodically going through each room and cupboard before you get out the packing boxes.

Outsource to the experts 

There is nothing more exhausting then going back to an empty house to clean when you want to be unpacking your new place. We think it’s worth every cent to hire a professional to do this for you.  Also, don’t be the family member everyone wants to avoid by asking them to help you move, hire a professional to do it once in one effective hit.  Doing your mates back in while moving your 50kg furniture will never be forgotten (or forgiven!)

Be kind

Your movers are working hard and have all your worldly goods in their possession so be nice to them! An offer of a coffee run, a bottle of water or some morning tea will go a long way and may help make them more inclined to help you place everything where you need and not “accidentally” drop the box containing your family heirlooms.

Contact us for help

We have a team of suppliers and trusted removalists (tried and tested!) we can put you in touch with.

And remember, it will all be over soon and your new house will feel like home before you know it!




Posted by Matt Bolin